What is Mica Capacitor

Mica capacitor is a capacitor using mica which is a natural mineral as a dielectric. By using mica, the heat resistance becomes ober 600 degrees, creating an excellent temperature characteristics. In addition, since the capacitance temperature coefficient is small, constant and highly accurate, there are almost no aging deterioration. Also, since the dissipation factor and the dielectric loss are very small and high frequency characteristics are excel, it is often used for circuits requiring high precision and stability such as signal equipment, medical equipment, and high frequency circuits. In recent years, the natural mineral mica has been highly valued for producing an excellent sound quality with transparency. Several major sound equipment manufacturers have adopted for its vacuum tube amplifier and power conditioner, attracting many fans of sound equipments as a capacitor with particularity.

Mica used in capacitors are very thin, gently peeled one by one. Since it is a delicate work that can not be realized by machines, we manufacture all the mica capacitors manually by our engineers.
In addition, our mica capacitors are populary used in social infrastructures and for supporting high quality sound equipments. Thus, through our manufacturing process, we measure all the products one by one rather than randomly inspecting to ensure the highest quality.